at the edge of the world and at the forefront of technology

Do you know in your heart already after primary school that you are going to space. Then you can enroll Sweden’s northernmost and highest high school: Rymdgymnasiet in Kiruna. With two space programs, the Space Science Program and the Space Technology Program, you get a perfect start for further studies and work in the space sector. We profile course plans with the help of the space operations in Kiruna.

The Rymdgymnasiet has national admission and is open to students from all over Sweden. We are a small school with talented pedagogues and competent teachers. We have a close collaboration with the other space actors in Kiruna, which gives you unique opportunities to learn from those who are already working with space.

You will have the opportunity to send student experiments with a stratospheric balloon higher than the ozone layer, build your own powder rocket, work with soldering, microcomputer technology and electronics. You carry out astronomical observations at the school’s observatory to study e.g. planets or nebulae.

Both of our programs give you a unique insight into the space industry in Sweden, Europe and the world. But you can also continue your space career here in Kiruna. Study, further your education, get a doctorate and later work with technology and research at the absolute technological forefront.

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