Reserach and education

at the edge of the world and at the forefront of technology

Curiosity is a human driving force and space has always fascinated man. Space is a strong symbol of the knowledge society and above all inspires many young talents to seek science and technology. Space activities teach us more about our cosmic homeland, improve life on Earth, protect life and are of great importance for climate research and environmental monitoring, and are also an important prerequisite for solving global environmental challenges.

Kiruna attracts students, PhD students and researchers from all over the world.

Starting at the Rymdgymnasiet, where students from all over Sweden take their first steps towards space. Continuing studies at Luleå University of Technology and doctoral studies at the Institute for Space Physics take students even closer to space. To then work on high-class and ground-breaking space projects at ESRANGE, EISCAT or IRF, companies that are all located in Kiruna. Kiruna has the capacity, technology and experience, at the edge for work at the forefront.