Luleå university of technology

at the edge of the world and at the forefront of technology

Luleå university of technology conducts world-leading research and education with a strong experimental and applied profile. Our research topics are in the areas of space technology, signals and systems, computer science, embedded systems and industrial electronics.

We are located at the Space Campus outside Kiruna, together with IRF and EISCAT.

With us, you can train as a civil engineer in technical physics and electrical engineering, computer technology, applied AI or space technology. We also have courses in, among other things, computer game programming, systems science and digital service development. In addition, we have several international master’s courses, for example in space and information security. After that, you can also do your doctoral education with us, before moving on to other exciting challenges in space technology and physics.

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In collaboration with ESRANGE, our students get unique opportunities for practical work and research.